OSI Food Solutions Is A Successful American Meat Company That Has Had Success Internationally

When it comes to successful American food companies, OSI Food Solutions exemplifies success when it comes to food. Indeed, OSI Industries has built up an impressive track record over the year, especially in milieus like meat processing. OSI Food Solutions has gotten a lot of accolades over the hundred years it has been in business. The CEO of OSI Food Solutions, Sheldon Levin, is a competent corporate leader who has helped OSI expand internationally and buying many food-related companies in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions, which was named Otto & Sons in 1928, was located in Chicago, Illinois. Today, OSI headquarters is located in Illinois and also has a staff of 20,000. There are 65 facilities located in 16 countries that support OSI.

CEO, Sheldon Lavin created a very trustworthy business relationship with Otto & Sons in the 1970s and eventually worked out a deal to own of Otto & Sons. When Mr. Lavin took over the company, he eventually changed the name to OSI. Mr. Lavin’s agreement with Otto & Sons to take over the helm as their CEO turned out to be an excellent decision for the company.

OSI was able to grow into an international business, while staying a private entity. Forbes noted that OSI was worth approximately 6.6 billion dollars in 2016. OSI has also received many awards and kudos regarding the quality of food standards over the decades. A subsidiary of OSI was presented with the Globe of Honour in 2016. The award, which is given annually, recognizes companies in the U.K. that are eminent and excellent in areas like environmental safety.

Moreover, OSI has allocated monies to double OSI’s chicken production volume in Spain. This infusion of cash helped to boost their chicken processing efforts due to the increased demand for chicken. OSI’s production numbers doubled to 24 thousand tons from 12 thousand tons.

With a persistently high threshold of business excellence in areas like diversity, sustainability, food quality, inclusiveness, and energy efficiency OSI’s staff have helped to set OSI apart from the other companies. Indeed, OSI and many subsidiaries have provided new employment opportunities for in the Asia-Pacific markets, the Americas, and Europe.

On the OSI corporate website, the company states that believe firmly in their staff to drive the success of their company. OSI is also well known for their dedication, innovation, and commitment to diversity and the inclusion of their team.

Peter Briger- A Business Leader in America.

Peter Briger has become one of the most influential business leaders in America. He is considered so by Forbes Magazine as they listed him on their top 400 most influential leaders in America. This was no fluke as his success has been documented over the years in the various positions he has held in the corporate world. This, however, is not the only criteria that makes him a great business leader as his other ventures show that he is versatile and able to take on causes that affect humanity and then the business world at different levels.His tenacity as a business leader showed itself immediately after graduating as part of the class of 86 from Princeton University.

Even getting into Princeton is considered an achievement on its own and as such Peter Briger was already on the right path towards achieving this title. His Bachelor of Arts degree would give him a stepping stone into Goldman Sachs and from that point on it was only up. The bank would grant him a lot of growth opportunities given his tenacity and curiosity to learn. He became a partner at the bank in 1996.He was in the meantime, considering advancing his education and to fulfill this he applied for an MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of Business. He would later graduate and give the number of committees he joined when he was at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was able to apply quite a lot of what he learned in class. They would also offer him an opportunity to learn more about the Asian market as it was experiencing a lot of growth at the time.

Goldman Sachs had a keen interest in the same and would create some market-specific funds made for this market, and Peter Briger was at times in charge of the same.As all this was taking place in his life, the Fortress Investment Group were coming to life. The group had managed to grow into a three billion asset management company by 2002, and it’s at this point that they realized the need for a credit division. Peter Briger was the perfect candidate for the position and was soon brought on board. He was responsible for establishing the same and has helped it grow, and today the division has made deals worth more than 100 billion dollars. He is now a partner and Co-CEO at Fortress. Learn More.


Wes Edens: How He and Fortress Investment Group Rose to Prominence

When it comes to American businessmen and investors, Wes Edens is certainly a name that stands out. One of Fortress Investment Group’s original co-founders of 1998, Mr. Edens also spends time with Srpingleaf Financial Services and Nationstar Mortgage, two lending companies that is a chairman of. Edens holds a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration, which he earned in 1984 after studying at Oregon State University.

The Milwaukee Bucks have thrived under the ownership of Edens, the purchase of which thrust his name into the spotlight. Besides just basketball, there are other games which have drawn the interest of Wes Edens. ESports, for example, is an industry in which Edens has certainly made his mark. FlyQuest, his League of Legends team, has been putting up strong performances on high-profile events. Edens, however didn’t stop at just eSports and basketball. He recently invested in a soccer team from the U.K. Aston Villa is a team that has a very real chance of getting to play in the Premier League, making it likely that this will be another successful investment in the sporting world for Wes Edens.

Before Fortress Investment Group existed, and before Edens was a billionaire, he began his career without any notoriety at Lehman Brothers, at which he was the managing director. After six years here, he left and began working a new position at a company known as Blackrock Asset Investors. His work here began in 1993 an ended in 1997. In addition to the Aston Villa investment, a more recent pursuit of Wes Edens and the Fortress Investment Group organization is Brightline. Brightline’s trains offer service will likely change the transportation game in places like Florida, where its very first routes are. Billionaire Sawiris, Edens to Buy Aston Villa Soccer Club

Given his history with investing in sports teams and rail companies instead of stocks, it is clear that Wes Edens is no ordinary investor. Naturally, his results are far form ordinary as well, and this positive trajectory will likely continue for Edens throughout the rest of his career.

Full link : https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6455155/Wes_Edens

SoftBank Surprised Investors by Acquiring Fortress Investment Group

SoftBank, a tech giant based out of Japan, recently acquired Fortress Investment Group for an estimated $3.3 billion. On December 27, 2017, the deal was officially completed after it had been in process for quite a long time before that. While SoftBank may own the company, Fortress Investment Group will still remain an independent business and keep its New York headquarters.

The reasoning behind SoftBank acquiring the Fortress Investment Group is their desire to move into private equity firm and away from debt financing. With Fortress’ extensive knowledge and experience in the area, they will be a valuable tool to help them complete the process. Prior to the purchase of Fortress Investment Group SoftBank had primarily been in the business of purchasing various tech startups.

Both companies involved have interesting backstories and long histories of success. While SoftBank originally sold PC software wholesale their business changed when they became they became a major investor in Yahoo!. They continued to evolve and hold shares in hundreds of internet-based companies. With their acquisition of Fortress, it is clear that they are changing their business strategy and moving in a new direction again. Fortress Investment Group has more than 2 decades of financial industry experience after being founded in 1998 by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. They currently operate on behalf of at least 1,750 clients by managing around $40 billion in assets.

There are many different reasons why SoftBank is allowing Fortress to operate so independently despite the large acquisition price tag, many of these have to do with the laws involving international deals. In order for the Committee on Foreign Investments to allow the deal to go through SoftBank had to promise not to have much interference with how Fortress managed their assets in the United States. SoftBank agreed to these terms and also paid a premium to their shareholders of $8.08 per share. The acquisition of Fortress was not the only transaction that SoftBank has made recently. They also transferred their shares of UK’s Arm Holdings to their investment fund. In addition their acquisition of Boston Dynamics had to be completed before the Fortress transaction was allowed.

Vijay Eswaran Helping the QI Group of Companies Expand Globally

One of the leading businessmen from Malaysia today is Vijay Eswaran, who is also listed by Forbes to be one of the wealthiest businessmen from Malaysia. He is not only considered a guru in the field of multi-level marketing, but the books that he has written in the past few years has been a rage. Some of the books that he has written on the topic of spirituality, discipline, motivation, and self-improvement are Two Minutes from the Abyss, In the Sphere of Silence, and a few others. All these books depict his life journey, the wisdom that he has gathered over the years, and what are the valuable lessons he has learned over the years.

Vijay Eswaran has done his schooling in various schools in Malaysia as his family would often relocate due to his father’s job at the Ministry of Labor at the Malaysian Government. After completing his schooling, Vijay Eswaran moved to the United Kingdom where he joined the London School of Economics to finish his degree in socio-economics. It was around this time that he did a few odd jobs as well as got introduced to the world of multi-level marketing. After completing his graduation in the United Kingdom, he moved around Europe doing a variety of jobs. However, he eventually returned to Malaysia in 1998 when he co-founded the company we all know today as the QI Group of Companies.

The reason behind the massive success that QI Group has achieved in the past few years is due to the enterprising nature of Vijay Eswaran. He is always looking for opportunities to expand and grow and is not complacent even after achieving so much success. Vijay Eswaran mentions the same in all his books that to stay ahead of the competition, one should stay away from their comfort zone.

Mike Bagguley Takes On A Challenge

Mike Bagguley serves as Chief Operating Officer of Barclays, an investment bank based in London, England, well known as a giant in the banking industry. He has been in the position since June of 2016. As Mike Bagguley took over the role, Barclays was in the middle of some major changes, as the bank was overhauling and streamlining operations. Reducing staff and leaving former business partnerships was part of the strategy to help the bank adapt to regulation increases and investor decreases. Bagguley was thought to be the man for the job and was given the challenge to accelerate the process of improving profits and cutting costs. He also had the additional responsibilities of aligning infrastructure, coordinating major projects, and joining the executive committee.

The job ahead was not an easy one, but fortunately, Bagguley had been a part of the Barclay team for fourteen years before he became COO, and therefore knew well the objectives the bank hoped to achieve. Before being appointed to the position, Bagguley had served as the head of the company’s macro products division, which includes interest rates, and foreign exchange products. He gained useful knowledge and experience in that time as he successfully negotiated trades and executed deals. Bagguley was already familiar with downsizing, as the macro business had undergone the same size reduction and reshaping efforts, due to the effects of tougher regulations and falling trading revenues. The turnaround was a slow process, but the division had started to see success under Mike Bagguley’s direction, with revenues rising.

On the Crunchbase profile for Mike Bagguley, viewers can learn additional information about Bagguley. For example, his full name is listed as Michael Roy Andrew Bagguley. He graduated from the University of Warwick, in 1988, with a B.S. in Mathematics. For further information on Bagguley, there are also links to his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Adam Milstein and His Lifelong Mission to Uplift the Jewish Community

For those people who haven’t been properly introduced to the legacy of Adam Milstein, let it be known that he is perceived as being one of the most inspirational forward-thinkers in modern-day society. Rather than solely focusing on the pursuit of financial gain like so many other entrepreneurs typically do, Adam Milstein understands that there is a greater cultural value to be ensued from investing one’s own time, success, and wealth back into the community. As a forward-thinker, Milstein continually strives to enlighten the general population on the consequential long-term generational benefits that shall be inherited from societal enforcement of genuine positivity and total well-being within our present global reality. Yet, more specifically as a man of Jewish decent, Adam Milstein has dedicated his entire life to developing projects that educate, train, and promote leadership opportunities within the Israeli-American community.

Although having earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Business Management in 1978 from the Israel Institute of Technology, he followed suit with the receipt of his MBA in 1983 from the University of Southern California after relocating to the United States with his family in 1981. Utilizing his degrees, Adam Milstein acted upon his interest in business by working as a real-estate sales agent. While working as a sales agent, he was able to gain a thorough insight into the strategic/operational essentials of the real-estate industry that ultimately bequeathed him the experience to be placed in the position of managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties in California. Hager Pacific Properties is a multi-million dollar real-estate investment firm that specializes in the rehabilitation of commercial properties. Nonetheless, as managing partner, Adam Milstein has the distinctive privilege of handling the firm’s accounting and financing obligations.

Furthermore, as an accomplished businessman, Milstein understands the significance in networking and developing social relationships to create opportunities that will impact the entirety of society. Thus, he made it a priority to mirror his occupational platform with that of his humanitarian services. In 2000, Milstein and his wife developed their own foundation (The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation) to help fund other non-profit organizations that strive to make a difference in the Pro-Israel cause. In 2007, Milstein assisted in the founding of the Israeli-American Council (IAC)—a council that happens to be one of the largest Jewish organizations in the world to date. As national chairman of the IAC, Milstein helps to enforce plans and projects that add to the stability and longevity of Jewish heritage among Israeli-Americans. Moreover, as a devout philanthropist, Adam Milstein continues to build upon the legacy of himself and others by genuinely increasing his contributions every year to not only fulfill the needs of Jewish population, but to promote world peace and resolve human rights issues.

Is Aloha Construction the Real Deal in Home Improvement

To simply get straight to the matter at hand, Lake Zurich, Illinois, is the home to one of Illinois’ best general-contracting companies. If you’re not from around this neck of the woods, then keep reading. Aloha Construction is the quintessential general contractor of the 21st century, and there’s no doubt about it. You are looking at a company that has only been around for a decade, but it has completed over 20,000 home-remodel projects. Yes, this statement is 100 percent accurate. On top of that, the company just completed its very first multi-million dollar remodel. This spectacular home can be found in North Barrington, Illinois.

With huge success comes huge growth. Aloha Construction has gone Hollywood in a sense. This just means that the company has stepped-up its game for 2018. The company has just introduced a new series of national commercials. These commercials are very high-quality, are professional and are intuitive. Networks such as ESPN, Discovery, The Learning Channel and The History Channel have all displayed the commercials to a larger audience. This promotion will certainly introduce Aloha Construction to a much larger crowd, which will potentially bring in more customers. The specialists here are highly trained in a vast list of home-remodel services. The company also consists of bonded roofers and licensed siding contractors. Vinyl siding is very popular across the US, and many of this general contractor’s specialists have been thoroughly educated at the Vinyl Sinding Institute.

Thanks to its top-of-the-line services, its wonderful leadership, and its high-quality ethics, the Better Business Bureau has honored Aloha Construction with the Torch Award in 2017. This award goes to a company that displays all of the above and then some. The Torch Award couldn’t have gone to a better general contractor in this specific class.


Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm And Its Economic Impact

Shervin Pishevar has come out of hiding to hit the world with 21 tweets in a day-long storm of messages. The founder of Sherpa Capital and early investor of Uber has some very negative things to say about the economy. And this comes after an abrupt resignation from his post atop Sherpa Capital.

He was forced to resign from Sherpa Capital due to sexual harassment allegations. He continues to say that these allegations are false. He explains that former enemies are out to get him and that he had to resign from Sherpa Capital in order to shield his favorite company from the fight.

The world has not heard from Shervin Pishevar ever since. Now he’s being hard to ignore as he spews dire warnings about the future of the economy.

His tweets see an economy that is about to permanently stagnate because underemployment and even unemployment will become ingrained in the system. He calls this underemployment “systemic” and it will have negative consequences on the stock market.

This tweet storm also predicts the crash of the stock market in the very near future. He believes the stock market will plummet an astounding 6,000 points to crash the entire economy. He points to the unpredictability coming out of the White House these days. Trump’s trade wars are only making investors skittish and it will end badly, according to Shervin Pishevar.

The former head of Sherpa Capital continued on his rant. He believes the upcoming trade wars will make it impossible for the bond market to carry the economy. It will slowly fail to rally along with the equities market so long as trade fluctuates. Essentially, it will not stabilize until the White House stabilizes.

He even aimed his tweets at Silicon Valley. He believes the community of tech companies is bound to fail because they have become complacent and have put limits on entrepreneurship. He believes the spirit that founded the valley has leaked out all over the world and is no longer set within geographical limits. That pioneering spirit is a movement and not a place, according to Shervin Pishevar.


Successes of Dr Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has always made unexpected turns when it comes to his career. He started as a medical doctor before turning into the field of entrepreneurship. After operating many businesses, he decided to venture back into his now lifetime career, as a medical practitioner and surgeon. He studied medicine at Tulane Medical School and while he was still a student, Dr. Mark McKenna was still passionate about venturing into business. He conducted various businesses while still at school and later, he launched the McKenna Venture Investments.

Due to his passion for the field of entrepreneurship, the renowned medical practitioner also ventured into mortgage investment before he later moved to Atlanta. Dr. Mark McKenna then became the founder and CEO of the OVME Cosmetics, which is a health firm that is entirely dedicated to offering a customer based aesthetic and cosmetic services. Through the firm, he has successfully helped many people acquire their desired looks by conducting surgery and performing beauty enhancement operations on them.

Dr. Mark McKenna has also focused on the use of the modern technology to carry out his medical operations. He is ranked a, on the best medical practitioners in the country and as a result, a vast number of people seek his services.

His firm provides a broad range of cosmetic services including minimally invasive techniques, which are suitable for both men and women. Dr Mark McKenna has acquired an excellent reputation for the high-end services he offers to his clients. He has brought a revolution in the medical sector by providing reliable medical services to his patients.

Through the online platform that he introduced to his patients, he has enabled a vast number of them to receive fast services through their mobile phones and computers without having to travel long distances. His dedication towards helping his patients achieve their goals has seen him attract a vast number of them to his firm, particularly those interested in enhancing their looks. His ability to relate well with his clients has also been perceived to be one of the primary reasons behind hos today’s many successes in his field of specialization.