Rick Shinto, Managed Healthcare Guru

Rick Shinto, the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health. It is a leading company in the healthcare sector, providing managed health care services. Its programs seek to enhance and deliver high quality and affordable services to the masses.


It runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The company serves a large number of people in various locations including Puerto Rico. The company’s primary objective is to help people achieve overall wellness physically, mentally and emotionally.


Preference of InnovaCare Health is high thanks to their high-quality pocket-friendly services. Despite being in the market for a short while now, the company has grown immensely. Good leadership has played an integral part in the success of InnovaCare.


Rick Shinto, the CEO, is a State University medical graduate. He also did his MBA at Redlands University. He has exemplary leadership skills from his experience. For over two decades now, Dr. Rick has been in the managed medical services field.


Before joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto worked with numerous successful managed health care providing firms. He also held top managerial positions in some of them such as Aveta Inc and NAMM California. From these positions, he gathered vast experience that has made him the leader he is today. He also writes journals about the healthcare industry.


At InnovaCare, Rick Shinto does not work alone. His work complements three other professionals who joined him recently. Of the three, Penelope Kokkinides is unmatched in her work. She is the chief administrative officer.


Dr. Shinto is a force to be reckoned with. He has brought changes to the InnovaCare and has seen the company rise to its current position. He envisions the company venturing into new markets. That will enable improvement of service provided to patients.


Under Shinto’s leadership, InnovaCare has made doctor visits more affordable hence frequent. That has seen their clientele proliferate. The company has also ventured into Puerto Rico, improving availability and affordability of medical care. The company has also helped health care providers to integrate their services with technology. That aims at making the process more efficient.


Richard Shinto is an award winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He scooped this award as a result of his commitment and dedication as an entrepreneur in providing excellent services.


The parameters used are innovativeness, financial performance and improving quality of life of the community. Shinto’s experience, business expertise and his honesty in service rendering have brought prosperity to InnovaCare Health.


Bob Reina: He’s As Committed As Ever

A lot of people in the position of Bob Reina might suffer from being worn out from time to time. It is clearly a very demanding role to be the CEO of Talk Fusion and know that so many people are counting on you to deliver results for them. However, Bob Reina is a person that likes the pressure. As a matter of fact, the higher the stakes, the more it motivates Bob Reina and the more it lights a fire under him to keep pushing ahead and to keep doing what is necessary for the customers and the company. That is always at the forefront of his mind, and it never falls by the wayside.


As a former police officer, Bob Reina knew what was needed to make sure people were safe and sound. He knew he was taking a big risk by going out there each and every day. All police officers know that, but there is something special about being unselfish and putting others before yourself. Bob Reina has always done that and always will do that as long as Talk Fusion is open for business. As a video communications provider, they wield a great deal of power and a lot of influence.


One of the biggest ways they influence people is by allowing them to start up their own stay-at-home business. For a lot of people, that is something they have wanted for a very, very long time. They have not only wanted it, they have needed it because their regular job has just sucked them dry. They don’t have anything left to give when they come home and they feel like a shell of themselves. With Talk Fusion, they are excited once again. They don’t have to listen to the people that have told them it is only a hobby. It can be a job for them and it can be something that is quite profitable.


That is what keeps going Bob Reina going: the dreams of each and every customer of Talk Fusion. He knows they have the heart and the desire to do it. Now, it is just a matter of going out there and making it happen by using Talk Fusion as much as humanely possible. When they have the right mindset and approach along with the tools of Talk Fusion, they are an unstoppable force in the business world.

The Chainsmokers Reaching New Highs

Music today is not the same as it used to be. There is much more complexity and time that must be put into a song to create music as the Chainsmokers do. Recently the Chainsmokers posted a video showing the making of their new song “Somebody”. Their music is created from modular synths, pitched-up vocal samples, and a large amount of creativity. The initial release is just a clip, but Drew Taggart and Alex Pall promise to release a more intensive tutorial of the making of the song soon. “Somebody” required a pitch change due to the vocals originally being for another song.

The Chainsmokers are a relatively new duo that have been blowing the charts out of the water, continuously top the charts since their breakthrough song “#Selfie” in 2014. The Duo is comprised of Alex Pall 33, and Andrew Taggart, 28. Alex’s part in the duo is as DJ and Andrew is the producer, writer, and vocalist. They have also featured many other artists in their songs, making some of them stars overnight such as Daya and Halsey.

The Chainsmokers song “Roses” hit the top 10 in the US on the Billboard Hot 100. “Don’t Let Me Down” hit the top 5 and also won them a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording, and “Closer” became number one on the charts. On top of those the Chainsmokers have also won two American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

With a blend between indie, pop, music, dance, and hip-hop, the Chainsmokers have set a very high standard for what is to come next. Some of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s influences include Pharrell Williams, Linkin Park, and deadmau5. However, some of their inspirations include Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Taylor Swift, Max Martin, The xx and Explosions in the Sky.

As of this year the Chainsmokers have been out doing much more than we could have imagined. They had a second single hit one billion streams on Spotify and topped Billboard’s new Dance 100 list. The Chainsmokers are also the first duo to be recognized for their talent in the way it has been presented to them.


How Louis Chenevert Turned UTC Into The Leader of The Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is a hard working individual that comes from humble beginnings to achieve great things in life. In 1958, he was born in Montreal, Canada to experience a happy and normal childhood. Louis also had aspirations to do great things in life and it was instilled into him that it would take hard work, persistence, and time to achieve these goals. Mr. Chenevert would attend the University of Montreal Business School where he would earn his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production Management. This was going to be a great education for his foundation of success.

One of his first jobs was at the St. Therese, Quebec location of General Motors. The man who hired him (Guy Hachey)also would promote Louis to his previous position as he rose to higher positions. Mr. Hachey said that Louis Chenevert was the best executive he has y personally worked with. Through working together they became close friend to this day. Louis was ready for a change after 14 years at General Motors. Karl Krapek, who also worked at GM told Louis transition into the aerospace industry because he believed it would be a fit for Chenevert. Karl would also end up working at United Technologies Corporation in head of Louis and become Chief Operating Officer and President, like Mr. Chenevert would become after him. In 1993 Louis joined Pratt & Whitney which was under the umbrella of UTC. It is also an aerospace manufacturing company. He was able to cut manufacturing costs by 10 percent and cut down the time to manufacture their engines from two years to nine months. Louis was ready for more and so was UTC. They wanted Chenevert as their leader so he became Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer for the corporation. In that time he would accomplish quite a lot in a short period of time. Under his leadership Louis convinced them to invest $10 million dollars into their geared turbofan engine, which would revolutionize the corporation by using the most advanced technology. Now they are sought out all over the world and by the US military for their incredibly advanced engines.


Bradesco’s Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Facing Challenges As The Bank’s Stock Drops To A 52-Week Low

Banco Bradesco is a giant in the Brazilian banking industry. Bradesco is right behind Itaú Unibanco in terms of assets under management. But Bradesco has something Itaú doesn’t have, and that is CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Cappi has an unstoppable desire to make stockholders proud as well as make them a lot of money. That’s the way Cappi rolls because deep down inside he is a man on a mission. And that mission is to make Bradesco the best digital bank in Brazil.

Trabuco Cappi took over as chairman when long-time Bradesco Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão decided he was going to retire at the end of 2017. Brandão was around when Bradesco was just a small Sao Paulo bank. That small bank helped farmers make ends meet. That was 75-years ago. But Brandão was able to adjust to the big bank mentality, so he was instrumental in giving the bank the direction and the executive energy it needed to make the Bradesco a banking force to reckon with in Brazil.

Even though Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi doesn’t have Brandão’s tenure, he has the reputation for helping Bradesco stay current in the Brazilian banking world. While he was CEO, Cappi put one acquisition after another together, and he built a team of high-powered banking executives that rival any bank team in any developed country in the world.

And the interesting part of the Cappi story is he’s not a banker in terms of education or personality. Cappi is a philosophy and psychology aficionado. He needed a job when he completed his post-graduate studies in psychology, and Brandão is the man who hired him. For decades, Brandão and Cappi worked as a well-oiled banking machine and Wall Street loved that executive combination.

Now that Brandão is not as active, Cappi has another long-time banking executive by his side. Octavio de Lazari, Bradesco’s insurance division director, is the new CEO. Octavio is building an executive team that can handle the challenges that face the bank in 2018 and beyond. Even though the new Bradesco team is stronger than ever, the bank’s stock hit a 52-week low recently. And that’s not what Cappi or any team member expected, but there are reasons for the stock’s lackluster performance, according to Cappi. Brazil’s startup digital banks are taking customers away from the big banks, and Bradesco’s digital bank, Next, isn’t performing as well as expected. Plus, Brazil’s high-interest rates are coming down. Even though Cappi and Octavio de Lazari are not pushing loans to middle-class Brazilians, the digital banks are pushing them, and that is having an impact on Bradesco’s stock.

But Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and his executive team say the drop in stock prices is temporary. Cappi is making adjustments, and Octavio de Lazari is making sure those adjustments happen in real time. Bradesco’s management team is ready to show the world that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is following in Lázaro de Mello Brandão footsteps. But Cappi is expanding those footprints so Bradesco can stay current in the changing social environment in Brazil.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

Sightsavers And Their Fight To End Trachoma

At a TED Talk, the CEO of Sightsavers shared her mission to fight tracoma. Prior to Caroline Harper stepping onstage, most of the audience had probably never known of tracoma. Caroline said and did everything possible to get her message across.

Sometimes people respond better to visuals; it takes actually seeing something to grasp the magnitude of a situation. What did the audience see? Tweezers hanging around Caroline’s neck. Caroline stepped on stage with tweezers on her neck to show everyone in the audience what children and adults who live with tracoma have to carry with them every single day of their lives. No, the kids aren’t plucking their eyebrows; they are plucking their lashes.

When children frequently get tracoma infections but aren’t fortunate enough to receive the proper treatment, scar tissue begins to form beneath their eyelids, causing the eyelashes to invert and rub against the cornea. This constant unpleasant rubbing causes blindness in the most uncomfortable and most painful way imaginable. In an effort to combat the pain that they feel from this disease, girls wear tweezers around their necks to constantly pull out their lashes.

Doing this only provides temporary relief, however, and the lashes grow back worse than ever. Since ancient Egypt, people have been recording trachoma. No, they didn’t have laptop computers back then to keep files of everything, but they did have murals. The Egyptians drew very saddening pictures of their plight with trachoma.

However, there is hope for everyone battling trachoma because this disease is 100% treatable and even has a cure. With collaboration efforts, Sightsavers is working to end trachoma and the symptoms that go along with this terrible disease. One of the methods that Sightsavers and the World Health Organization is using to combat trachoma is the SAFE strategy, an acronym that stands for surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, and environmental improvement.



Sean Penn’s Debut Book: Honest, I Saved the World

Sean Penn has written a book. Not really a big deal since he has been writng scripts and screen plays for years. It is well written, if you compare it to the unabomber manifesto. Which brings me to Vogue, a magazine based on fashion and good taste, has decided to interview Mr. Penn about his book. Their slant is comically positive. Almost like interviewing Charlie Sheen about his views on feminist and agreeing how a bra size is a great bases to establish a woman’s value.

Vogue starts with the following question,”Aren’t you supposed to be in the middle of some whirlwind, barnstorming book tour?” Two issues here. First is the fact that they said BARNSTORM and not brainstorm. This could be because they couldn’t bring themselves to equate Sean Penn with having a brain to more like being a farm animal. You have to love those Freudian slips. Second is the crux of all his interviews: The Book Tour.



Sean Penn travels the world seeking out any political leader willing to listen to him. He believes that he is actually changing the world. These leaders of course agree to see the celebrity Sean Penn. They love the star quality, the limelight. But that’s where it ends. Sean Penn speaks, and they listen. It should be they speak and he listens. Then he would have a true story to write. Sadly he has chosen to write a book about a satirical character that goes around with a sledge hammer smashing the heads of eldery people and plotting the assasination of the President. Mr. Penn has no qualm with the fact that he has used this book to express his feels towards President Trump. Thus the “Book Tour” is more of a way for Sean Penn to get other people to listen to him and his ramblings.


Then comes the critique written in Running Lip with respect to Sean Penn and his book. They pulled a quote from the New York Times expresssing that the story was “cloaked in crazy.” Which makes clear sense since Sean Penn himself may be cloaked in crazy. He contradicts himself within interviews stating that the book shouldn’t be seen as his opinion piece but instead, “his own experience of his environment and the constant forces that influence society.” Which is to say, it IS his opinion piece. It is almost sad humor when one considers that Sean Penn, by expressing himself the way he has in and out of this book, is paralleling the same behavior of the President he has decided to condem.


In short Sean Penn’s debut book, “Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff”, has more to do with his venting then his writing skills.

Alex Pall Gets the Scope on Rockstars

The interview with Alex Paul, the lead of the Chainsmokers, talks about how the Chainsmokers become the Chainsmokers and what made them want to pursue a career in music full time. Paul talks about how the main hype of the Chainsmokers mainly started from the hit song Closer with the singer Halsey. Paul talks about how he is so different in the DJ world mainly because they have showmanship, instead of just hiding behind their music equipment, instead of just having a vocalist come and sing over their soundtrack. Paul goes into his upbringing about how he was a DJ for a hobby at first. While in college he did a couple of shows here and there, but nothing really major. His college friends were really into the DJ Avicii. Hearing and seeing this DJ was like a spark for Paul to start being more serious about his music.

Alex was so fascinated with the music scene that he had to get a taste himself to see whether this is the right choice for him or not. Alex lived in New York, where he was going to school at Syracuse. Andrew, the other member of Chainsmokers was from Maine and he was told about Alex through a kid who worked for Alex’s manager. Andrew came instantly and the duo started working together, almost like magic. The DJ duo already knew what they brought to the table, so they sat down grinding constantly to finally get a stride or a fanbase. Other hits they have made like Roses, and Don’t Let Me Down follow the normal flow of how DJs make music, which was just having a vocalist do the singing. However, having the DJ actually sing makes the Chainsmoker a unique duo that can not be beat.


Clayton Hutson Creates a Positive Experience for All Artists

When Clayton Hutson works with artists, he knows how to help them make sure they’ve got the best sound possible. He also knows there are opportunities he can use that will give him the best options possible for the shows he does. He likes going on tours with bands and singers because it gives him a chance to show off his talents while helping them make their shows better than they ever were before. Between the work he put into the shows and the opportunities he had to help people, Clayton Hutson knew what it meant to keep giving back to everyone who needed his help. There were many times that Clayton Hutson focused on things that would continue helping the artists and that’s how he made sense of all the opportunities he had for success. It was his goal of helping that allowed him to keep doing things the right way.


Even though Clayton Hutson spent time trying to show people how things would work and what they could do to make everything work better, he knew what the importance of helping people was. The important part was giving artists the chance to shine in different areas of music. No matter their genre or the things they did in music, Clayton Hutson can help them with the sound in different areas. He always wants people to see they have a chance at success no matter what kind of music they play.


For years, Kid Rock shows were great but the quality of the sound at them was not great. He didn’t have a sound engineer who knew how to do things right and that made it hard on Kid Rock. Clayton Hutson took over as the sound engineer and tried helping people see what they could do with music while they were at shows with Kid Rock’s music. It made sense for Clayton Hutson because he knew how to keep helping people and keep giving him things that would help the music get better. Even when Clayton Hutson made the choice to step in and offer more musical advice, he was helping Kid Rock. Learn more: https://about.me/claytonhutson

Rocketship Educations Map assessment success.

While the majority of schools use proficiency scores the majority of Nashville, Tennessee’s public schools are now using the NWEA measures of academic progress or otherwise known as map to see how much individual students have grown over the school year.

Over 7,400 schools and districts use Map assessments throughout the world including Rocketship Public Schools who’s been using the Map assessment since they opened their first school.

Where is proficiency scores are important they only tell whether or not a student is on a certain grade level. Map assessments show the growth of these students over a period of time instead of just where they ended up.

With the help of Map assessments the Memphis Rocketship public School was able to help 146 of their students achieve at or above average by the end of the year, when they all started below average. According to Rocketship Public school their children on average improved 1.35 years in math and 1.2 years in Reading within the last year.

Rocketship Public Schools is a group of elementary schools specifically designed for underserved communities with 85% of their students being low income households in the Bay area of California, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington DC.

Rocketship public schools has a strong belief but every student deserves to dream and discover as well as develop their very own unique potential. The non-profit charter schools have a very strict set of values of authenticity, tenacity, Community, Innovation and excellence.

Founded in 2006 by John Banner and Preston Smith the the first non-profit charter school was opened in San Jose, California in 2007. After seeing the high success in state assessments with that first school over five years six more non-profit Charter Schools were added to the San Jose area.

In 2013 Rocketship Public School opened its first school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in 2014 continued to expand into Nashville, Tennessee. Finally opening a school in 2016 in Washington DC.