Sean Penn’s Debut Book: Honest, I Saved the World

Sean Penn has written a book. Not really a big deal since he has been writng scripts and screen plays for years. It is well written, if you compare it to the unabomber manifesto. Which brings me to Vogue, a magazine based on fashion and good taste, has decided to interview Mr. Penn about his book. Their slant is comically positive. Almost like interviewing Charlie Sheen about his views on feminist and agreeing how a bra size is a great bases to establish a woman’s value.

Vogue starts with the following question,”Aren’t you supposed to be in the middle of some whirlwind, barnstorming book tour?” Two issues here. First is the fact that they said BARNSTORM and not brainstorm. This could be because they couldn’t bring themselves to equate Sean Penn with having a brain to more like being a farm animal. You have to love those Freudian slips. Second is the crux of all his interviews: The Book Tour.



Sean Penn travels the world seeking out any political leader willing to listen to him. He believes that he is actually changing the world. These leaders of course agree to see the celebrity Sean Penn. They love the star quality, the limelight. But that’s where it ends. Sean Penn speaks, and they listen. It should be they speak and he listens. Then he would have a true story to write. Sadly he has chosen to write a book about a satirical character that goes around with a sledge hammer smashing the heads of eldery people and plotting the assasination of the President. Mr. Penn has no qualm with the fact that he has used this book to express his feels towards President Trump. Thus the “Book Tour” is more of a way for Sean Penn to get other people to listen to him and his ramblings.


Then comes the critique written in Running Lip with respect to Sean Penn and his book. They pulled a quote from the New York Times expresssing that the story was “cloaked in crazy.” Which makes clear sense since Sean Penn himself may be cloaked in crazy. He contradicts himself within interviews stating that the book shouldn’t be seen as his opinion piece but instead, “his own experience of his environment and the constant forces that influence society.” Which is to say, it IS his opinion piece. It is almost sad humor when one considers that Sean Penn, by expressing himself the way he has in and out of this book, is paralleling the same behavior of the President he has decided to condem.


In short Sean Penn’s debut book, “Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff”, has more to do with his venting then his writing skills.

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