How Louis Chenevert Turned UTC Into The Leader of The Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is a hard working individual that comes from humble beginnings to achieve great things in life. In 1958, he was born in Montreal, Canada to experience a happy and normal childhood. Louis also had aspirations to do great things in life and it was instilled into him that it would take hard work, persistence, and time to achieve these goals. Mr. Chenevert would attend the University of Montreal Business School where he would earn his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production Management. This was going to be a great education for his foundation of success.

One of his first jobs was at the St. Therese, Quebec location of General Motors. The man who hired him (Guy Hachey)also would promote Louis to his previous position as he rose to higher positions. Mr. Hachey said that Louis Chenevert was the best executive he has y personally worked with. Through working together they became close friend to this day. Louis was ready for a change after 14 years at General Motors. Karl Krapek, who also worked at GM told Louis transition into the aerospace industry because he believed it would be a fit for Chenevert. Karl would also end up working at United Technologies Corporation in head of Louis and become Chief Operating Officer and President, like Mr. Chenevert would become after him. In 1993 Louis joined Pratt & Whitney which was under the umbrella of UTC. It is also an aerospace manufacturing company. He was able to cut manufacturing costs by 10 percent and cut down the time to manufacture their engines from two years to nine months. Louis was ready for more and so was UTC. They wanted Chenevert as their leader so he became Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer for the corporation. In that time he would accomplish quite a lot in a short period of time. Under his leadership Louis convinced them to invest $10 million dollars into their geared turbofan engine, which would revolutionize the corporation by using the most advanced technology. Now they are sought out all over the world and by the US military for their incredibly advanced engines.

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