Jeremy Goldstein’s Impact on the Success of Fountain House

Fountain House is an international philanthropic organization that is dedicated to the rescue and reclamation of people who live with mental illness. With Jeremy Goldstein sitting in the firm’s board of directors, Fountain has achieved a lot in its mission and vision. The main agenda of the firm is to showcase the ability of these individuals who live with this condition of mental disorder, who have been despised and taken so lightly in the society. A lot of people in the society have the wrong perception about the individuals surviving mental illness. They see them as dependent and individuals who cannot depend on themselves and also very unreliable. This is the notion that Jeremy Goldstein has joined the Fountain House to abolish.


The foundation of Fountain house was so coincidental and symbolic, yet paramount. This is because the individuals who formed the organization had met in New York Orangeburg, at the Rockland State Hospital. Here, the six gentlemen had gone to seek treatment as victims of mental illness. For a very long time earlier on, they had suffered discrimination from the individuals who never suffered from the condition and therefore felt that the treatment was unfair. After recovering, they decided to form a group which they named metaphorically to their situation. They called it “We are not alone.” This was after realizing that people who were recovering from the condition always felt like they were all alone in their world and as if no one cared about what they experienced.


After staying for a while, the group purchased a house in New York, which they transformed into a home for all of them. Coincidentally, the house was located in a garden that had a fountain in it. This led to its current name, Fountain House. Together with Jeremy Goldstein, Fountain House has been so instrumental in ensuring that the individuals who have the mental disability condition are treated properly and with dignity. The firm has also established learning programs in which the individual enroll as they undergo the recovery process. These ensure that the patients of the mental illness condition are well equipped with the required knowledge and skills to enhance their survival.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer by profession who has specialized in the field of corporate governance and compensation. Besides his work at the Fountain House, Jeremy has been very focal in assisting the top-notch managers of various organizations in the corporate world in the areas of compensation of their employees and matters about the governance of the corporations.


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