OSI Food Solutions Is A Successful American Meat Company That Has Had Success Internationally

When it comes to successful American food companies, OSI Food Solutions exemplifies success when it comes to food. Indeed, OSI Industries has built up an impressive track record over the year, especially in milieus like meat processing. OSI Food Solutions has gotten a lot of accolades over the hundred years it has been in business. The CEO of OSI Food Solutions, Sheldon Levin, is a competent corporate leader who has helped OSI expand internationally and buying many food-related companies in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions, which was named Otto & Sons in 1928, was located in Chicago, Illinois. Today, OSI headquarters is located in Illinois and also has a staff of 20,000. There are 65 facilities located in 16 countries that support OSI.

CEO, Sheldon Lavin created a very trustworthy business relationship with Otto & Sons in the 1970s and eventually worked out a deal to own of Otto & Sons. When Mr. Lavin took over the company, he eventually changed the name to OSI. Mr. Lavin’s agreement with Otto & Sons to take over the helm as their CEO turned out to be an excellent decision for the company.

OSI was able to grow into an international business, while staying a private entity. Forbes noted that OSI was worth approximately 6.6 billion dollars in 2016. OSI has also received many awards and kudos regarding the quality of food standards over the decades. A subsidiary of OSI was presented with the Globe of Honour in 2016. The award, which is given annually, recognizes companies in the U.K. that are eminent and excellent in areas like environmental safety.

Moreover, OSI has allocated monies to double OSI’s chicken production volume in Spain. This infusion of cash helped to boost their chicken processing efforts due to the increased demand for chicken. OSI’s production numbers doubled to 24 thousand tons from 12 thousand tons.

With a persistently high threshold of business excellence in areas like diversity, sustainability, food quality, inclusiveness, and energy efficiency OSI’s staff have helped to set OSI apart from the other companies. Indeed, OSI and many subsidiaries have provided new employment opportunities for in the Asia-Pacific markets, the Americas, and Europe.

On the OSI corporate website, the company states that believe firmly in their staff to drive the success of their company. OSI is also well known for their dedication, innovation, and commitment to diversity and the inclusion of their team.

Peter Briger- A Business Leader in America.

Peter Briger has become one of the most influential business leaders in America. He is considered so by Forbes Magazine as they listed him on their top 400 most influential leaders in America. This was no fluke as his success has been documented over the years in the various positions he has held in the corporate world. This, however, is not the only criteria that makes him a great business leader as his other ventures show that he is versatile and able to take on causes that affect humanity and then the business world at different levels.His tenacity as a business leader showed itself immediately after graduating as part of the class of 86 from Princeton University.

Even getting into Princeton is considered an achievement on its own and as such Peter Briger was already on the right path towards achieving this title. His Bachelor of Arts degree would give him a stepping stone into Goldman Sachs and from that point on it was only up. The bank would grant him a lot of growth opportunities given his tenacity and curiosity to learn. He became a partner at the bank in 1996.He was in the meantime, considering advancing his education and to fulfill this he applied for an MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of Business. He would later graduate and give the number of committees he joined when he was at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was able to apply quite a lot of what he learned in class. They would also offer him an opportunity to learn more about the Asian market as it was experiencing a lot of growth at the time.

Goldman Sachs had a keen interest in the same and would create some market-specific funds made for this market, and Peter Briger was at times in charge of the same.As all this was taking place in his life, the Fortress Investment Group were coming to life. The group had managed to grow into a three billion asset management company by 2002, and it’s at this point that they realized the need for a credit division. Peter Briger was the perfect candidate for the position and was soon brought on board. He was responsible for establishing the same and has helped it grow, and today the division has made deals worth more than 100 billion dollars. He is now a partner and Co-CEO at Fortress. Learn More.